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At Selah Springs Puppies, we desire to bring together the best of personalities and genetics, creating the most wonderful mix of puppies around.  Whether you're interested in Mini, Medium or Standard sized Goldendoodle puppies, that mix starts with our wonderful females. Meet our beautiful girls, the gallery below is snapshots from their growing years.

Females: Females


AKC English Cream Golden Retriever

Intelligent, Loving, Loyal.  When Nica arrived her quick ability to learn and loyal personality won my heart.  With so little effort she learns to accomplish any task asked of her.  She is always right by my side as we work on our farm or if there's something she can't join me on, she will watch from home, ready to come if I call.   Her puppies could be excellent service dogs or a devoted family friend.  She's not just intelligent and loyal, she's so lovable.  She will snuggle her head onto my lap if I sit down, or curl up beside my feet, ready for the new day's adventure.  AKC registered, Penn Hip certified hips, OFA elbows/joints, OFA Eye, OFA Cardiac certified.

goldendoodle puppy0.jpg



Joyful, Intelligent, Affectionate.  From her bubbly joyful personality, to her sweet affectionate demeanor, she completely captivates us. She loves to learn new things and is quick to master whatever is asked.  She is loyal and attentive, quick to pick up on anything new. She loves going for car rides, playing with our boys or just being in the mix of our daily life.

Females: Pro Gallery
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